Bongs, glass pipes, one-hitters, bubblers, steamrollers for sale at GR Cloud Smoke Shop with exclusive hand made glass water bongs and glass pipes. Bongs are hand blown from Pyrex glass tubes, designed for smokers who wants smooth smoking.


GR Cloud is one of the only retailers around to carry Extraction Equipment.....Magical Butter Machines, Automatic and Manual Rosin Press Machines, Freeze Dryers, Pollinators, Glass Extraction Tubes and More!


Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia. Kratom has been used for hundreds of years as an herbal medicine. The plethora of health benefits and medicinal properties possessed by the plant, especially its leaves vary from immunity boosting, inducing healthy sleep, reducing moderate or severe pain and promote addiction recovery.


Glass Water Pipes

Our hand blown glass water pipes come in all sizes and colors. We offer a huge selection of water pipes from something affordable to get you started to the newest high quality glass pipes blown by artists from all over the USA.


Herbal Vaporizers

Vaporizers and the art of Vaporization is the healthy way to obtain the active ingredients out of your preferred herbal blends. There are many vaporizers on the market today with many applications and slightly different ways of delivering the vapor. We offer a wide selection of portable vaporizers to use on the go as well as desktop styles that deliver an even better experience.


Heady Oil Rigs

We stay up to date with the latest artists designs. Check out our growing selection of heady oil rigs blown by artists from all over the USA such as Luke Wilson, Mike D, Andy G, BG Glass, Sokol, Terry Sharp, John K, Smash Glass, and many more.



Hookah Pipes have been enjoyed by a myriad of human cultures since the very beginning of hookah pipe enjoyment. Also called Shisha Pipes, these hookahs provide an extremely pleasant method of enjoying herbal tobacco or flavored molasses. We have small dinky hookahs, huge attention-seeking shishas, brass hookahs, glass hookahs, single or multi-user shishas and all the hookah pipe accessories you could dream of.


Concentrate Accessories

Concentrate nails have evolved from glass to quartz, titanium, and ceramic, all of which we offer a selection to fit your pipe. Our selection of accessories doesn't stop at nails, we have an assortment of non stick silicon containers are the perfect storage option for all of your concentrates. Top brands like Highly Educated, Stok, and Hive are sold here.


Hand Blown Glass

Smoking Pipes and Bongs is a highly efficient means of imbibing your favourite tobaccos and legal smoking blends. We have all the famous designs and brands of bongs, plus a vast array of more affordable smoking pipe designs alongside big boys such as the award-winning show peices. There are metal and wooden pipes, soapstone pipes and a huge selection of Glass Pipes & Bubblers.



Here we have all sorts of storage vacuum containers, boxes, glass stash jars. Whether you need to trap the smell, a box with customized compartments or simply just a lockable storage box to keep your items safe, then we have everything you need right here. We even have a magic box only you can open in mysterious ways!


Digital Scales

We have for sale a Massive range of Scales. You will find a selection of Digital Pocket Scales designed to be portable and accurate up to digital food scales to measure out that special ingredient and ensure that you get the recipe right!


Herbal Grinders

A Herbal Grinder can be used to cut or chop your legal smoking herbs. They can also be referred to as tobacco grinders. We have a huge selection of the best grinders available, from wooden and acrylic designs and more affordable metal herb grinders to the mighty Space Case Grinders range.



Whether seeking business or pleasure, GR Cloud is the premier destination for anyone from the aficionado to the casual smoker. Our ever-expanding selection of premium cigars humidified to perfection, complimented with a full range of cigar smoking accessories sure to suit anyone from the novice to the expert.


Portable Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers have been becoming more popular as they are very discrete and easy to use. Our Cloud Penz kits that come with case & dabber are an excellent option for starters . We offer a large selection of accessories and replacement parts for the concentrate vaporizers as well.


Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers including organic smoking papers to rice & hemp papers, huge & kingsize skins to regular roll-ups, flavoured papers, extra wide papers, wired or ungummed rolling papers, transparent cellulose papers – we have it all.


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